A Time To Reflect…

A Time To Reflect...

Once in awhile you take a photograph and when you get home to look through them you find a sweet surprise…This one happened on a day when an “uplift of spirits” was needed…It made me smile and gave me that bit of renewal at just the right time…Hope you enjoy!


The Friendly Little Dove..Couldn’t Resist This One..

The Friendly Little Dove..Couldn't Resist This One..

She was so stinking cute that I couldn’t resist this shot..It always amazes me how these little ones get around so easily with what looks to be tiny little feet…So here’s my shot for the day =)

The Friendly Little Dove On My Porch..

The Friendly Little Dove On My Porch..

We were in our back yard on this day. I sat down to take a little break and happened to have my camera handy. This little one had been sitting on one of the deck posts right along with us. She dropped down on the deck and was just wandering around picking up seed without a care in the world about me and my camera..A lucky day and some nice shots!

Catching The Waves On Delta Lake

Catching The Waves On Delta Lake

This photograph is by far my craziest experience! It started out as the sun reflecting ever so brightly over the lake. It looked like golden light..I was snapping shots as a couple of speed boats came down through..One went straight while the other made a sharp turn toward his right thus causing the wave effect. I could see it looked grainy while I was taking the shots but I was mesmerized by what I was seeing so I didn’t stop. There are more shots but this one is the most dramatic. So pleased to have had this experience and to share it here!!

Down By The Fish Hatchery…

Down By The Fish Hatchery...

Such a delightful setting right across the road from the fish hatchery. Anyone with a handicap can drive right down to it and there is even the wooden deck built there so they can go fishing and be comfortable…Summer has finally arrived!!

Mohawk River

Mohawk River

On a side street tucked away is this serene scene..The sun makes magic through the trees and the reflections bring it to life..So pleased to share.



Out toward Oneida, New York..Just taking a Saturday drive with the purpose to look for unique photo opportunities takes my attention to a different level. There is so much to see when you begin to “look”..Have a beautiful day…